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Naturally healthy.

The magic spice of Ginger!


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Nr. 7 Nr 7 Chestnut Bud Bach Flower Original Chestnut Bud Flower Essence Knospe der Rosskastanie Bourgeon marronnier gemma dell’ippocastano Brote de castaño de Indias kastanjeknop Lemon Pharma
Nr. 10 Nr 10 Bach Flower Original Crab Apple Flower Essence Holzapfel Pommier sauvage melo selvatico Manzano silvestre wilde appel Lemon Pharma
N°10 Crab Apple™
From €10,95
Nr. 12 Nr 12 Bach Flower Original Gentian Flower essence Gentiane Violetter Herbstenzian genziana Genciana Gentiaan Lemon Pharma
N°12 Gentian™
From €10,95
Nr. 17 Nr 17 Bach Flower Original Hornbeam Flower Essence Weissbuche Charme carpino Hojarazo Haagbeuk Lemon Pharma
N°17 Hornbeam™
From €10,95
Nr. 18 Nr 18 Bach Flower Original Impatiens Flower Essence Drüsentragendes Springkraut Balsamine de l’Himalaya balsamina Bálsamo del Himalaya Reuzenbalsemien Lemon Pharma
N°18 Impatiens™
From €10,95
Nr. 33 Nr 33 Bach Flower Original Walnut Flower Essence Walnuss Noyer noce Walnoot Lemon Pharma
N°33 Walnut™
From €10,95
Bachblüten Nr. 45 Nr 45 Kaugummi Figura Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach vegan
Bachblüten Nr. 45 Nr 45 Tropfen Schlankheit Mélange d’E. Bach Gouttes Mineceur Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach