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Inconstancy, irresolution, hesitancy and low frustration tolerance are just some of the character traits in which uncertainty can be manifested. Thanks to the support of six Bach Flowers, the insecure and sometimes even shy personality picks up courage and self-confidence: N°5: Cerato, N°12: Gentian, N°13: Gorse, N°17: Hornbeam, N°28: Scleranthus, N°36: Wild Oat


Nr. 5 Cerato Nr 5 Cerato Bach Flower Original Cerato Flower Essence Bleiwurz Plumbago piombaggine Cerato loodkruid Lemon Pharma
N°5 Cerato™
From €11,45
Nr. 12 Nr 12 Bach Flower Original Gentian Flower essence Gentiane Violetter Herbstenzian genziana Genciana Gentiaan Lemon Pharma
N°12 Gentian™
From €11,45
Nr. 13 Nr 13 Bach Flower Original Gorse Flower Essence Stechginster Ajonc ginestrone Aulaga Gaspeldoorn Lemon Pharma
N°13 Gorse™
From €11,45
Nr. 17 Nr 17 Bach Flower Original Hornbeam Flower Essence Weissbuche Charme carpino Hojarazo Haagbeuk Lemon Pharma
N°17 Hornbeam™
From €11,45
Nr. 28 Nr 28 Bach Flower Original Scleranthus Flower Essence Einjähriger Knäuel Scléranthe scleranto Scleranthus annuus Hardbloem Lemon Pharma
Nr. 36 Nr 36 bach Flower Original Wild Oat Flower Essence Waldtrespe Avoine Sauvage avena selvatica Avena silvestre Ruwe Dravik Lemon Pharma
N°36 Wild Oat™
From €11,45
Bachblüten Kaugummi Nr 40 Energy Energie Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach
Bachblüten Kaugummi Nr 41 Focus Fokus Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach
Bachblüten für Kinder Globulix Perlen Wachsam und Beständig Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach
Bach flower Kids Children Globulix pearls courage and determination confidence Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach
Bach flower pets animals drops agression Lemon Pharma
Bach flower animals pets drops Indolence Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach