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Personalities in this state are extremely sensitive to beliefs, ideas and moods of others. For various reasons, they tend to be overly susceptible to the feelings and impacts of others and allow external influences to guide them. Four Bach Flowers help to increase the focus on own strength and needs: N°1: Agrimony, N°4: Centaury, N°15: Holly, N°33: Walnut 


Nr. 1 Nr 1 Bach Flower Original Agrimony Flower Essence  Bio Vegan Odermennig Aigremoine agrimonia Agrimonia Agrimonie Lemon Pharma
N°1 Agrimony™
From €11,45
Nr. 4 Nr 4 Bach Flower Original Centaury Flower Essence Tausendgüldenkraut Centaurée centaurea Centáurea duizendguldenkruid Lemon Pharma
N°4 Centaury™
From €11,45
Nr. 15 Nr 15 Bach Flower Original Holly Flower Essence Stechpalme Houx agrifoglio Acebo Hulst Lemon Pharma
N°15 Holly™
From €11,45
Nr. 33 Nr 33 Bach Flower Original Walnut Flower Essence Walnuss Noyer noce Walnoot Lemon Pharma
N°33 Walnut™
From €11,45
Bach flower pets animals drops agression Lemon Pharma
Bach flower animals pets drops fear Lemon Pharma Dr. Bach