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N°41 Focus Chewing Gum™


Chewing gum composition with the original Bach Flower Remedies of Dr. Bach

Concentrate and find the balance and patience for more attentiveness.

  • vegan
  • sugar free
  • halal and kosher 

The Original N°41-Composition contains the 5 Bach flowers:

White Chestnut
I calm down, I am at one with myself and my mind is clear and awake.

I am steadfast, balanced and ready to go forward.

I take my time, I am patient and relaxed. 

I am perceptive, self-collected and alert.

I care, I trust and I let go.

Concentrate and find the balance and patience for more attentiveness.

The chewing of gum is recommended for its positive effects on the oral flora through stimulation of one‘s saliva production and prevention of dental plaque.

Additional features:

  • Contains no alcohol, aspartame or gluten
  • Prevents tooth decay through the use of 100% natural Xylitol
  • Suitable for children (no alcohol)

Ingredients: sweeteners: sorbitol, Maltitol, Maltitol syrup, Xylitol (5%), mannitol, sucralose, acesulfame K; gum base, Aromas, acidity regulator: citric acid; humectant: glycerol; 0,25% of original Bachflower-essences; thickener: gum arabic; emulsifier: soya lecithin; coating agent: carnauba wax.

Nutritional values: 100g of product contain: energy 755,2 kj (181,2 kcal), fat 0g, of which saturated fatty acids 0g; carbohydrates 74.2g, of which sugar 0g, of which polyols 74.2 g, fibres 0.5 g; protein 0g, salt 0g

Recommended consumption: 4-8 chewing gums/day

Package contains: 60g (approx. 40 pieces)

vegan; flavour: raspberry

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