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Bach Flower N°47™ Sleep Drops

Bach Flower N°47™ Sleep Drops

The calming essence of the Bach flower drops "Sleep" rests in a delicate bottle. Like the gentle glow of the moon, these drops envelop the mind and create an atmosphere of serenity. The delicate blend of natural essences seems like a soft lullaby that gently lulls the senses into the slumber of peace.

The "Sleep" drops are like the gentle breath of a calming breeze that quietly carries away the turmoil of the day and creates space for sweet dreams. When you savour these drops, an atmosphere of relaxation unfolds, as if the stars in the night sky are lovingly draping their veils over your exhausted mind.

These drops are like a walk through a dreamlike garden in which the flowers of tranquillity bloom in full splendour. They invite you to let go of the hectic pace of everyday life and lull yourself into the gentle arms of restful sleep.

In the world of "sleep" brook blossom drops, you will find a source of deceleration and inner peace. They invite you to see the night as a sacred space of regeneration, to calm the mind and to savour the sweet fruit of restful sleep. In their lovely magic lies the power to welcome sleep as an ally and to dive into dreams with a smile.