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Bach Flower N°44™ Libido Drops

Bach Flower N°44™ Libido Drops

The sensual essence of the Bach flower drops "LIBIDO" is concealed in an enchanting bottle. Like the gentle breeze of a spring breeze, these drops bloom through the soul to ignite the fire of passion in its purest form. Their delicate blend of natural essences seems like a love poem for the senses, tenderly deepening the connection between body and soul.

The "LIBIDO" drops are the sonorous chords of a love symphony, releasing the pulsating energy of attraction. When you taste these drops, it feels as if your heartbeat is dancing in harmony with the rhythmic waves of lust, causing the flowers of sensual fulfilment to blossom.

These drops are like the gentle call of love, enchanting the senses and transforming passion into a blossoming garden of ecstasy. They open the heart to the sensual nuances of life and invite you to experience the warmth of affection in its purest form.

In the world of "LIBIDO" brook flower drops you will find a source of sensual harmony. They invite you to experience love with all your senses, to deepen your connection and to savour the sweet melody of intimacy. In their lovely magic lies the power to ignite the fire of passion and send the senses on a delightful journey.