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Bach Flower N°41™ Focus (concentration) drops

Bach Flower N°41™ Focus (concentration) drops

The focussing essence of the Bach flower drops "FOCUS (concentration)" is concealed in a delicate bottle. Like a gentle ray of sunshine penetrating through the leaves of distraction, these drops invite you to focus your thoughts and strengthen the clear line of thinking. The delicate blend of natural essences seems like a calm river that flows through the mind with clarity.

The "FOCUS" drops are like the precise notes of a harmonious melody that strengthen concentration and direct the senses to the essentials. When you savour these drops, a feeling of clarity unfolds, as if the fog of restlessness is slowly being replaced by a clear horizon.

These drops are like a walk through a peaceful garden where the flowers of attention and presence blossom in full splendour. They invite you to gather your scattered thoughts, sharpen your focus and savour the sweet fruit of mental clarity.

In the world of "FOCUS" brook flower drops you will find a source of mental balance and alertness. They invite you to centre your thoughts, to focus clearly on the tasks of the day and to walk the path of life with a focused mind. In their lovely magic lies the power to strengthen your inner clarity and to centre your thoughts with a smile.