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Apropolis Liquid Spray


Apropolis Liquid Spray

Apropolis® Liquid Spray is a food supplement with propolis extract and sweeteners. Beneficial for the mouth and throat.

  • Moisturises and soothes the throat.
  • Free from gluten and lactose
  • 4% propolis extract
  • With high polyphenol content (free radical scavenging antioxidants).

The active ingredient for propolis is collected by bees from flower buds and trees, and then enriched. The amazingly versatile natural product helps them to seal their hives. This way, they ensure the survival of the bee population in a unique way. Even before modern science could prove this, people knew of the special effects of “bee glue”. As propolis contains many important vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Distilled water, thickener: glycerin, stabiliser: sorbitol syrup, 4% propolis extract1) , emulsifier: polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (polysorbate 80), flavouring: 0.08% lemon essential oil (Citrus limon), preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, 0.05% peppermint oil (Mentha piperita).

Recommended use: 3 times a day

Do not take in case of: Honey/propolis allergies, pregnancy/breastfeeding. Not for children under 3 years of age.

Note: Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Content: 30 ml

1) >6mg/ml polyphenols; 1 ml product contains 40mg (0,03ml) propolis extract. The density of the propolis extract is 1.260g/ml.