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These rasperry-flavoured pastilles are made from Arabic Gum and extracts from original Bach flowers. The selected remedies are particularly suitable for helping children through life’s little ups and downs.

100g contain: energy 887.9kJ (216.6kcal), protein 2.0g, carbohydrates 44.4g, of which sugar <0.1g, of which polyols 44.4g, fat 0.3g, of which saturated fatty acids <0.1g, fibre 47.3g, sodium 0.02g

Gelling agent: Gum Arabic, sugar substitute: sorbitol and maltitol, raspberry flavour, acidifier: citric acid; coating agent: vegetable oils and beeswax; Bach Flower essences from Larch, Mimulus, Aspen, Star of Bethlehem (0.25%), sweetener: sucralose, colorant: cochineal carmine

1-2 pastilles per hour, if required. May have laxative effects if larger amounts are consumed.